iOS Apps has one of the most downloaded travel apps on the AppStore. While seemingly simple, a hotel booking app depends on multiple ingredients to be useful — excellent search capabilities, filtering, map annotations, verbose listings, neatly layed hotel/room details, capability to add optional amenities, booking flow, offline retrievable confirmations.

As an early member of the team, I participated in feature development, testing, coordination with the API team, and contributed towards recruitment efforts to grow the team.

Back when was still a fast-growing travel website with more web users than those using the app, I was the second iOS developer in the team. I also contributed to the brand new Booking Tonight app, with my most promiment contribution being the time zone support for same night bookings.

This project involved thorough usage of MapKit for searching and fine-tuning hotels on a map by location. As the app was a universal binary, all the new functionality had to be adaptive.

Being a data-driven company that relies heavily on A/B testing to make product development decisions, I learned a lot about experimentation on iOS using custom frameworks to turn on and off features by remote switches as well as provide alternative implementations to the end-users.

The project involved a lot of coordination with the API team to build RESTful endpoints. In the end, I learned a lot bout scalability and experimentally validating various hypotheses.


Past and Current Projects


iOS App | Swift Server API | Co-Founder

Instint is a new productivity application for parents and their teenage children with privacy and a sustainable rewards mechanism at its core.

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Week Calendar

iOS App

Week Calendar is one of the most downloaded productivity apps on the AppStore. I led the development on the app for 5 years.

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eBay Classifieds Group

iOS App

Marktplaats needed to build a feature-rich iPad experience in a short amount of time. As a senior engineer in the team, I look lead in setting up the infrastructure for prototyping, unit-testing, and iterative development of a universal iOS app.

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iOS Apps

I was the second iOS engineer in the team that worked on the flagship universal iOS app and built the niche Booking Tonight app.

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iOS and Web App

eBuddy was a pioneer of multi-protocol chat web clients, and built one of the first apps to bring real-time chat to the iPhone. I worked on multiple products while I was there.

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Aol Autos

iOS App

The Aol Autos iPhone app brought the car research experience into a mobile app that featured photo galleries, expert opinions, user reviews, and the ability to share car trims with friends. I was a primary developer, mentored by senior Aol engineers.

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